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These twenty tracks paint a portrait of the age of mythology and adventure in Asian cultures! Using the sounds of traditional instruments from China, Japan, and beyond, this is music fit for honorable duels, idyllic villages, and journeys across epic landscapes.

This pack dramatically expands upon the 2013 release 'Asian Empires Music Mini-Pack' by extending the original eight tracks out to double their length and adds twelve all-new tracks!

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AuthorJoel Steudler
TagsRPG Maker


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Great music, and very affordable. Thank you for your work!

Thanks! It's always great to hear people enjoy the music! I appreciate the feedback.


I got this via the latest Humble asset bundle and I'm very impressed!

You really captured the "feel" of Asian music - at least to my novice, uneducated Western ears.

If I ever make a game in an Asian setting (not necessarily in an old/traditional setting) I'll include some of it for sure!


Thanks, I appreciate it! I definitely listened to a lot of traditional Asian music in preparing to make this pack, and also more modern filmscore from Tan Dun and others. There's a lot of really fantastic music in different traditions through that part of the world, and I encourage everyone to branch out and listen. Part of my research strategy was to listen to performances on specific instruments, to better understand their idiomatic style. The Chinese bawu and erhu are two of my favorites, shakuhachi from Japan. And as I mentioned in a post below, check out J Lilly's YT channel for Korean haegeum music.

Thanks for the links - will definitely check them out.

Tan Dun is of course pretty well known for "Hero" and especially for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" which is one of my personal favorites.

What I like about traditional Japanese music is the "formality" of it, for the lack of a better word. Modern Japanese music like for movie scores can be completely different, though. Two examples:

"Rising Sun", which features a "modern" jazz/thriller soundtrack, but integrating Japanese motives and instruments flaring up here and there. Perhaps not the best soundtrack for isolated listening but it works fantastic in the movie and gives it a very particular atmosphere.

The other "example" is the constant battle in my head for the last 25 years: "Which anime soundtrack is better: The one from Akira or the one from Ghost in the Shell?"

The correct answer to this question is of course: "Yes"

Akira: Kaneda's Theme (some violence, 3:30 - 5:20 )

GitS: Making of Cyborg (some nudity), recycled in part in this sequence: Ghost City

Absolutely brilliant

Thanks!  I'm glad the music connected with you. Traditional Asian music is so varied and interesting across all the countries, and it's very inspirational.  I hope my attempts inspire people to go listen to similar music from those that really know what they're doing!

Your music is truly great.

Thanks, I appreciate the compliment! I'm not sure if I live up to it, but I am glad when anyone enjoys my music. If you liked this pack, check out movie soundtracks by Tan Dun and performances of traditional Asian music. Also, look for J Lilly's YouTube channel.  I was able to work with her on an as-yet unreleased soundtrack, and if I ever have the budget to hire soloists, I'd love to do so again!

I went to check, indeed nice music. Ty for recommend.