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Venture into the unknown with twenty tracks of dark fantasy music from composer Joel Steudler! Folk sounds from ancient times mix with metal guitar and eerie atmospheres to offer you a distinctly dangerous sound. Stirring themes evoke the unsettling mood of a place lost to otherworldly enemies and chaotic magic. You will find a little solace and a lot of adventure in this collection of troubled tracks.

  • 20 music tracks suitable for battle, dungeons, themes and towns!
  • 15 ME Musical Events for short dramatic moments!
  • .ogg and .m4a formats included.
  • use in any game engine or media projects (commercial or non)
  • sold under the Game Asset Bundle JSM License Agreement

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AuthorJoel Steudler
TagsAudio, Fantasy, Music


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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I love the Cursed Kingdom soundtracks. Why is the Untold Tales not on itch, if I may ask?

I'm glad to hear you're liking the CK music! Untold Tales was originally meant to be 'exclusive for a limited time' when I released it in the Groupees bundle back in January. The period of exclusivity has long since expired, and honestly the thing keeping me from releasing it is I wanted to draw a proper cover for it and haven't had time yet to do so. But I plan to get it released on itch before  the end of the year. Thanks for reminding me that I should do that!

Thanks for the speedy reply. Looking forward to your official cover for Untold Tales, and of course, future CK music packs. You have a huge fan here. Triple Thumbs Up


It took me something like forever... perhaps those tales never were meant to be told!!  Or... perhaps I should have released it a while ago. But finally, Untold Tales is available here on itch!


Wow! I wanted to ask this same question. I would be very pleased to see it in the store. Right now I'm listening to it on the SoundCloud and it's great!

Oh man... I... kind of forgot about those Untold Tales! Perhaps that is why they have remained untold for so long. I really ought to do that. I wish that game asset music sales were better so I could focus more energy on this side of things, since I do enjoy making the packs a lot. Just as a TMI explanation of process, when I do a full illustration for a cover it requires about 8-10 hours of extra work. Perhaps I will just use a 'nicely set logo' cover and get it released, along with the three Doomsday packs I have waiting to go up.

...technically, I can still even do it before the end of the year!

What a magic of the name!
Yeah, as for me the cover doesn't matter at all. I already purchased both "Cursed Kingdoms" packs (however, it's on Steam as a DLC for RM), and I definitely would like to get this one too (here or on Steam - it doesn't matter).

At long last, the tales can be told. Thanks for prodding me to release it! It took a little longer than expected, but Untold Tales is out.

I remember watching a documentary about the late Icelandic composer Johan Johnson. The one line that stuck with me was his music could "peel away at the heart of those who don't know how to feel or are afraid to." I can the same about songs like Wayfarers path from Cursed Kingdoms or others from Twisted Forest, They can breakthrough anyone's heart no matter how hardened it has become from life.

I really appreciate the compliment (and now I'm going to have to look up Johan Johnson), and it's great to hear that the music is connecting with you in that way. The 'dark fantasy' vibe that I've tried to carry through the CK sets is more charged emotionally than a more clinical orchestral or synth performance might be. The instrumentation and idioms mix a lot of ethnic sounds and unconventional noises that create a really great atmosphere. I also love finding instruments I never knew about... I recently got kind of obsessed with the tagelharpa, which I used (a virtual version of) in a set of CK tracks I need to get released on here called 'Untold Tales.'