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When you're wandering deserted streets or scavenging in the desert while dodging raiders, don't do it in silence! This collection of music, atmosphere, and radio broadcasts from composer Joel Steudler is your auditory armor for the pre-, post-, or just plain apocalypse. Military marches, eerie ambience, and some sweet old-time tunes including the song Gone Tomorrow will make your wastelands feel less barren!

  • 20 BGM tracks suitable for battles, dungeons, themes, and towns!
  • 5 Radio broadcasts suitable for a wasteland radio station
  • 5 Atmospheres for your apocalyptic world
  • .ogg, and .m4a formats included.
  • sold under the Game Asset Bundle JSM License Agreement

    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (2 total ratings)
    AuthorJoel Steudler
    Tagsfallout, game-music, RPG Maker, wasteland


    Get this asset pack and 22 more for $25.00 USD
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    I purchased this pack on Steam this past weekend (they had a small discount on it), but never received the content... This may be an issue with Steam, and thus might not have anything at all to do with you, but I figured I'd message you directly to make you aware of it in case there actually was some issue with the files being delivered to them... Because their support team is wearing out my patience by repeatedly suggesting "solutions" that I told them I had already tried in the very first email. The content simply doesn't exist, there's nothing that I can download, and I've been repeating this to their support team for going on 3 days now.

    I already own a lot of your other packs and have never had any issues with them, but when I look at the Properties tab for the RPG MAKER software, it shows the Doomsday pack in the list of DLC that I own, along with all the other packs... But in the area where it should list the file size, its just blank, suggesting that they don't actually have any files to download -- and so of course there is no pack in my game's local DLC folder. 

    Again, it may be entirely their fault, but I figured I'd make you aware of it in case there's something you can do about it or something you might need to contact them about... Because I'm not having any luck with them.


    The good news is I can solve your immediate problem and give you the content. I unfortunately have no direct dealing with Steam, that's all through Komodo, the publisher, but I'll bring this up to them. In the short term, though, I'm happy to give you a key for a download here. Are you on Discord? Message me at JoelS#2352 on there, or email me at joel @ joelsteudlermusic.com (might get caught in spam, which is why I prefer Discord) and I'll get the pack over to you.

    Yeah, I have a Discord, not really very familiar with it but I'll get on there and give that a try... Thanks!

    Amazing pack! Great work!

    Thanks! My dream is that someday, someone will make a bunch of graphics in that style to go along with it...