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This fulsome fusillade of modern music from composer Joel Steudler has your game covered with a huge variety of tracks. You'll find fast paced, hard hitting metal and electronica. Then you'll find slow, soft, romantic tracks and peacefully paced background music. THEN you'll find retro themes recalling legends of the synth age. You will find even more than that; there are so many tracks!
Really, it is a lot of music.

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AuthorJoel Steudler
Tagsbackground-music, game-music, RPG Maker


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

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I need to purchase this one soon, I've been vibin to the playlist on Soundcloud. I use a lot of your music when my friends play dnd and other tabletop games, it's all got charm and really good atmosphere.

Hey, that's a cool use for the music, and I'm really glad you find it appropriate and worthwhile. I'm a fan of tabletop gaming, having played many such games myself (White Wolf stuff, Shadowrun, Robotech, D&D). In order to part you from more money thank you for your kind words, I have just set up a Creator Day Sale:  https://itch.io/s/91249/march-modern-madness-creator-day-sale and the cool part is that in addition to a bundle price, the packs are individually discounted, so if you have some spare cash, you can get this one for half off this weekend!

That's awesome, I'll be sure to check it out!

Great tracks, Joel!

Thanks again! I hope you find good use for them!

Would you consider adding the possibility of buying individual tracks instead of the whole pack? :) I really like some of them but most I have no use for my project :( (they still sound amazing though <3)

Thanks for the compliment! Single track sales present a number of difficulties both logistically and in terms of pricing philosophy, but I do have a couple options that would accomplish that in a roundabout way for you! If you don't mind, drop me a line at joel @ joelsteudlermusic.com or better yet message me on Discord JoelS#2352 and we'll work something out.