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Saddle up and get ready to ride with enough music to load a pair of six-shooters... plus some more! The Wild West Variety Pack by composer Joel Steudler includes nineteen sonic bullets for your bandolier. Dust off your boots, don your hat, and seek your fortune out on the musical frontier.

  • 19 tracks plus bonus alternate versions
  • Battle, Field, Town, Saloon, Theme music and more!
  • use in any game engine
  • .ogg and .m4a formats included
  • Sold under the Game Asset Bundle JSM License Agreement

Listen to all the tracks on SoundCloud:


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Wild_West_Music_Variety_Pack.rar 101 MB


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Hi Joel, great work on the tracks. They are top notch. I do have a quick question. I just picked up your wild west variety pack from humble bundle, and I'm not seeing the same tracks there as I do here. for instance "Gunslinger Gulch", "Desert Desporado" or "Tumbleweed Junction" seem to be missing. Are these newer tracks that weren't included? Just checking. Thanks! 

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Good catch - that current bundle was run by Komodo, so I did not have any direct input in the assembly or control over the products they used... and for some reason they used the original version of the pack rather than the updated and expanded one I released (through them!) in 2018. Well, that is odd. But, please contact me at

joel @ joelsteudlermusic.com 

and I'll give you a download code for the version here on itch which has the new tracks (and fully remastered versions of the other original tracklist). Also, post here to let me know you have mailed me so I can be sure I don't miss your message getting caught in a spam filter. I do wish itch had DMs sometimes. Oh, or feel free to contact me on Discord, JoelS#2352


Thank you so much Joel. I appreciate the offer. I just purchased your tracks from here too, since they are so good! You deserve the additional proceeds for being willing to help when you didn't have to. Thank you!

I really appreciate it, and I hope you get good use out of the tracks! Thank you!

Just bought this and these tracks are perfect. Do you also   commission  exclusive tracks as well?


I do indeed!
(We already got in touch via email, just replying here in case others also wonder)

These sounds are really cool! I love westerns and I love your other works I know (especially the Grand Adventure Music Mega Pack) so I figured I'd use this pack for my entry for the 125th trijam. I figured you might like to see it. Thanks for all the good stuff!


Hey, nice job with the game! I played a few rounds. Interesting control scheme idea. The music fits well, and it's a fun concept executed well for a jam. I'm glad you got good use out of the music! My Game Asset Bundle organization is going to be running a jam in early August. If you're interested, keep an eye on https://gameassetbundle.com/ which I will be updating soon with info, or join our Discord https://discord.gg/7dkDMbQKQE

Hello Joe, sorry to ask on a random comment, but I just purchased your music from the Humble Pack and I was wondering if you have somewhere in writing what the license is on everything?

I don't like using something (even for a GameJam game) unless I know the license and terms of use.

Hi! We included a very basic license statement saying

"These assets are cleared for noncommercial and commercial use in your games and projects, but cannot be resold as standalone game assets"

but a few requests were made for something more detailed so we're adding a more detailed license statement today that is likely to say this:


The licensee is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the asset packs contained within this bundle in non-commercial and commercial media productions. There is no limitation placed on number of uses. Credit to the creators is not required. Assets may be modified for use in derivative media.

Assets (either unmodified or modified) may not be resold as standalone media, either alone or in packs.

Ownership and copyright of the assets is maintained by the original creator.

This license is not transferable or resalable.


So basically, use the assets in your projects, don't re-sell them as asset packs. We want to keep it as broad as possible, while excluding people from repackaging the assets and selling them somewhere like here on itch.

this is perfect, I'll share this news with other people who bought the bundle on dogpit and awful jams

Thanks, here's the final version of the agreement that should get attached to the bundle one way or another shortly:
And if there are any questions you can join up on the Discord server https://discord.gg/sQUwzMa and we'll address anything that comes up!

Hi! I was wondering if your music is okay to use in a ttrpg podcast. I'm assuming not, but I really like it and saw it in a HB that just dropped, so I thought it might be worth enquiring, though I doubt it's the type of game you mean.

I have no problem with you using the music in a podcast. Actually that sounds pretty cool... so you're playing a game as part of the podcast? I'm a fan of boardgames, pen & paper RPGs, videogames. That kind of use is ok by me!

Aaah! Yay!

Yeah I'm going to be doing a ttrpg podcast fairly soon in a system I've been working on. Its going to be part playtest of the system and then just general play with my family.

I've actually considered doing a more streaming/podcast oriented pack of music... may yet do so one day, since I assume these shorter game tracks are less ideal for the longer, more atmospheric moments that would work well in a podcast or tabletop setting. But I'm glad to have them used in that context! Your podcast sounds cool, good luck with your game system!

I love your music! are those all loopable?

Hi! Thanks very much. All except the Theme and Lullaby tracks are set up for seamless looping. The Theme and Lullaby tracks are intended as one-shots. The pack includes .ogg (seamless looping) and .m4a (does not loop, used in some engines) file formats.